Estate Planning for Working Families

Build to Last: Build with Bryk

If you have something worth protecting—family assets, business assets, or children—you need an estate plan. 

Your customized plan will give you flexibility and confidence through medical crises or job loss, provide health care directives, and protect your interests when you die. A well-designed estate plan controls the distribution of your assets according to your wishes, quickly and efficiently, so the decisions are not made for you.

Working families with limited assets and/or higher risks need estate plans the most.

I’ll work with you to create a thoughtful, complete plan that clearly outlines your intentions for your healthcare, assets, and children—in agreement with Virginia estate law and with the most beneficial tax advantages. I also help families through the administration of the estate or trust, either for themselves or to help resolve that of a loved one.

Estate plans empower you to arrange your affairs in the way that works best for your family: to provide security, comfort, clarity, and stability for your family’s most difficult times. Tell me what matters the most to you and we’ll get started.

Estate planning tools protect your family’s future.


A trust is a legal entity for your assets with an appointed trustee. It can provide potential tax advantages and avoid the probate of assets within the trust.


The Will clearly and precisely communicates your wishes, including assets distribution and guardians for minors.


Your estate includes all your assets and liabilities: from real estate, vehicles, cash, stocks, intellectual property, and more.


This legal process recognizes the Will, or lack thereof, and appoints an executor to administer the estate.

“How do I care for my children, my parents, and my own retirement?”